Evolutionary® and Therapeutic® Tarot

Trayada® Tarot, with its exclusive 33 Major Arcana

Evolutionary approach. The New Awareness Tarot

Mrs. López’ world of Sensitive and Therapeutic perception and Mrs. Ruiza and experience in Psychology and Artistic Drawing are combined in a creative and exclusive Tarot comprised of 33 Major Arcana, full of archetypes and new concepts that will be the key to open multiple options in your personal development.

Channeled and artistically designed with the traditional references of the Tarot’s universal symbology throughout the ages and new information that reflects the Transformation which we live.

Trayada® Tarot offers you the most extensive, detailed, and complete answers, making your analysis deeper, more skillful, and more concise.

You will be able to learn Easily and Intuitively, entering your evolutionary connection and discovering your spiritual journey, always with the respect and love required for the use of an ancestral and universal instrument.

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