Trayada® Tarot
Evolutionary® and Therapeutic® Tarot

Trayada® Tarot, a unique deck with 33 Major Arcana, unites perceptual ability and artistic design, revealing a world of archetypes and new concepts that will become the keys that unlock multiple options on your personal development path. It is the symbiosis of the ancestral references of the Tarot with new information reflecting the New Awareness. It is easy to learn and simple to connect with.

This is the Tarot of the New Awareness, a tool for self-knowledge and personal and spiritual growth. It is a method for discovering new information, conscious and unconscious, individual, family or collective.

Trayada® Tarot, designed with 33 Major Arcana, offers a novel and broad way to clarify doubts and help you find guidance within yourself in your everyday life and have the opportunity to get an internal glimpse at your own evolution. It opens new paradigms you can use to discover how you vibrate, what you vibrate, and what you attract into your life.


About Us

María Teresa López Martínez

I’ve been sensitive since childhood, perceiving subtle and energetic planes, something which has given me a fresh vision of life.

My training and experience were focused on the family business world. Fifteen years ago, I started training in the disciplines of Tarot, Reiki, the Hebrew Pendulum, family and systemic constellations within the Tarot Arcana, and Biodecoding.

Since 2010, I have been giving lectures, courses and workshops in-person and online about various therapeutic-spiritual subjects. I am currently dedicated to online advisory work and my consultation practice in Malaga.

Ana María Ruiza Moreno

I was born in Malaga. I got my Psychology degree in Huelva and specialized in psychosocial intervention working with the Huelva Social Services. I did volunteer work with associations for differently-abled people, and fought against drug abuse by participating in an intervention program for teenagers.

Later, I specialized in Bioneuroemotion, hypnosis, and NLP. I am the creator of karmic couples therapy and other therapeutic techniques. I am the author of the book “Liberáte de Tu Yo ideal” (Free Yourself From Your Ideal Self). I have a psychology practice in Malaga, and all over the world via the Internet.