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Evolutionary® and Therapeutic® Tarot Courses and Workshops.

Tarot Courses and Workshops

What does the study of the Tarot bring you?
Learning Tarot is the opportunity to open your life book and visualize the conscious and unconscious parts where you write your story. Using Tarot and applying its advice will help you discover yourself, learn your weaknesses, work on them, accept them, and promote your strengths. Tarot will also help you discover people’s inner worlds and learn from your experiences from a different paradigm. Discover what the Arcana of Trayada® Tarot can bring to your day-today life.  –

In-person or remote sessions via videoconference (Skype or Zoom):  

1. Monthly Courses / Classes.

Various courses and levels. Each course develops a content index and knowledge objectives. Study at your own pace, sharing case analysis and real exercises. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

2. Monographic Tarot workshops for students who want to reinforce a specific theme.

3. Intensive courses.

4. Professional training.

Study Tarot to train as a Tarot reader or apply it to other therapeutic disciplines such as Psychology, Biodecoding, Gestalt, Family Constellations, and others.

Hebrew Pendulum Courses and Workshops

Learn the Hebrew Pendulum at its different levels.

Learn how to use it for people, places, and spaces.

Delve into the concepts in which it vibrates through its Hebrew, ideographic, and sacred language labels. Identify the application of its labels according to its various action protocols.

It is an instrument for Bioenergetics and Radiesthesia, which you can enjoy in your personal life or train yourself to do professionally.

In-person or remote sessions via videoconference (Skype or Zoom):  

1. Level I, Level II, Level III courses.

2. Monographic Workshops.